fort verde excelsiors

Founded: 2016

Captains: Sheila Stuber &  Bill Helm

Home Grounds: Fort Verde Historical Park


The highlight to the Fort Verde Excelsiors’ first season was undoubtedly playing in the annual Copper City Classic tournament in Bisbee. Though only three of the Excelsiors’ regulars were able to make the five-plus hour trip south, playing ball at such a historic ballpark was an awesome memory for this team of vintage base ballists.

Once in Bisbee, sharing the same side of the field with former Major League pitcher Pat Darcy made things even better. Though we lost each of our three contests, the Excelsiors are excited to play again in the 2017-2018 season.

The Fort’s parade grounds were once home to soldiers in the 1800s who were among the first Anglo Americans to call Camp Verde their home. When soldiers weren’t otherwise soldiering, they played base ball.

It’s been about 10 years since Fort Verde State Park first hosted Vintage Base Ball games on its historic field. Now, the Excelsiors are one of the teams in the Arizona Territories Vintage Base Ball League. Though we finished with a handful of win, the whole reason we play is to emphasize the sport’s great history.

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Fort Verde Excelsiors!

Fort Verde Excelsiors!